Ebike tours is challenging you:

What do you really know about Transylvania?

First of all, is more than a scenario from Abraham Stoker’s novel, “Dracula”.  It is a real place that is difficult to resume in a few words.

Transylvania is situated between the Romanian Carpathians Mountains and is a combination of big and modern cities and small, traditional villages. When you get here, you have the opportunity to see an amazing mix of wild mountains and hills, incredible landscape and biodiversity, castles and churches that transpose you in the last medieval landscape in Europe, traditional life and customs. Small family farms that are producing almost all they need by their own, old carts pulled by horses, grass cut by scythe, agriculture that is not industrialized.

The reasons to visit Transylvania are numerous and also the ways to realize it. We offer you the possibility to do it in a different and healthy manner, using the electrical bikes.

Why ebike? The main reason is that it is impossible to find another vehicle that can give you the opportunity to get in places where the bus can’t, experiencing more in less time and respecting the environment. The feeling of intense freedom is assured.

Why us? Because we can provide you the best and modern ebikes, to use in great and special tours. We are following secret corners in Apuseni mountains, stunning viewpoints to make brilliant photos, places where real and authentic people live. All these organized in a professional way, which will please even the most demanding tourist.

When you decide to come to Transylvania, leave your suppositions at home because we assure you that Transylvania that you will meet, will really surprise you in a positive way.